Intelligent bodywork where breathing, movement and mind presence help us to align. 

Through breath, alignment, coordination, self-awareness Pilates makes you use the right muscles for the right movement. In short a session lengthen, strengthen and relax you while you learn to turn your focus inwards. Often called intelligent bodywork, it’s quality over quantity of movements that counts in the class. Something that will benefit you in your everyday life.

To me Pilates is a intimate conversation where body and mind unite, where we have the chance to observe our bodies, to let it become our best and dearest friend, and gentle develop to our fully potential. To learn how to use our bodies the way we wish, in all situations, to live our lives the way we dreamt about.


Privae: In my private sessions we focus on what you need right now. Many comes with pain in a certain area. Preventive work, rehabilitation work and sessions in order to lengthen and strengthen your body. A private session cost €50, 5 pack for 200. You are welcome to X or I can come to you. 

Group: sessions are held at X to a cost of 15€. Each session has it’s own theme, for e.g. posture, core work, but the entire body gets addressed. Thanks to small classes of max 7 people classes can be adapted after the participants and offers personal adjustments.