I offer classes for groups and companies at studios and offices based on Pilates and Yin yoga. Each class use following steps:

  • Unwind your body’s muscle tension thorough intuitive movement.

  • Release physical and emotional tension by deep fascia stretches, breathing teqniques and meditation.

  • Most important: Observe - where am I now? What do I want to achieve? How can I do that?

  • Rebuild posture, bodystrength, posture or moving patterns, thinking patterns or behaviors through muscle strengthening excersices, meditation techniques.

    Each class is unique with inspiration from pilates, yin yoga, tai chi, feldenkrais, CAR, vianasa pending of the intention with the class and its students.


Tailored sessions after you and your body’s needs. Focus can be on posture improvement, preventive and rehabilitational work.


Private sessions where I use as a cathalysist in your mndwork. I give pantarei sessions where I work on releasing physical and emotional blockages. These sessions can really be whatever, I hold the space for you and help you to reconnect with your body and mind through talk, touch and movement. Previous clients have come with writers block, to mourn, to rebuilt self confidence, to stake out their new carrees, to deal with autoimmune diseases, to let go of old habits and ways of thinking, to increase their creative flow, to figure out how to deal with draining people in their surroundings, to dare to say no.


I tailor one time- and executive training for companies and office spaces with focus on

  • ergonomy,

  • creative flow

  • mindfullness at work

  • exercices for desk users, suitable for your working space


Over the years I’ve given workhops of different lenght and substance.

Some of the themes have been

  • A journey through the chakras

  • Use your montly cycle

  • Office ergonomics

  • Shiatsu couple massage

  • Release your creativity



A lot of women and non-binary individuals suffer from period pain and mood swings during their cycle. In this 2,5 h workshop we talk about how to benefit from the monthly cycle in your everyday life and then go through movements and meditation techniques that can be helpful during the period and/or PMS. I also discuss my herbal garden with you and share what herbs can help for bloating, pain or PMS. Most of all, this workshop is a safe place where we are fully free to acknowledge and respect our monthly cycle.


Meditation can be so much more than sitting cross-legged on a pillow. In this series we dedicate each session to a chakra and explore it through Pilates, Yin yoga and Tai Chi. We use different meditation- and breathing techniques in movement and resting poses suitable for the area of the body we are working with. Each session is 90 minutes and can be taken independently. There is a total of 7 sessions taking place once a week or as a weekend retreat. This workshop suits you who are new and curious to meditation or to you who want to explore more.