You’re only as young as your spine is flexible


Through breath, alignment, coordination and self-awareness, Pilates allows you to use the right muscles for the right movement. By improving stability and mobility where needed, this new movement will improve your posture and benefit you in your everyday life. In Pilates all limbs and joints get moved and articulated - which prevent from degeneration.

I’m educated in contemporary matwork Pilates where focus lays on intelligent bodywork - quantity of movement doesn’t matter as long as it’s done with quality and an understanding of the client of why it’s done. In my classes I like to add tools to increase preciceness in the movement like thera bands, pilates rings, foam rollers, overballs, medicine balls, the Oov, the Parasetter for a more precise result.

To me Pilates is an intimate conversation where body and mind unite, where we have the chance to observe our bodies and adjust them accordingly to develop to our fullest potential.