För dig som vill du prova något nytt där du får ro att varva ner och lyssna på dig själv erbjuder jag pantareisessions: en aktiv massage där vi tillsammans arbetar med att lösa dina emotionella och fysiska blockeringar: hur de hänger ihop och hur du kan lämna dem för att leva mer efter ditt eget hjärta.

Min mottagning är öppen lördagar April - September på vackra Pilates Complete i Göteborg. Online sessions och hembesök i Göteborg efter överreskommelse.

Create the life you want to live - With YOUR BODY as the starting poinT

For many years I struggled with undiagnosed rheumatism and in the past years I’ve gone on a path of self healing through many forms of bodywork. With Pilates, I could rebuild and strengthen my body to serve my everyday life. Yin yoga helped me release physical tensions and allowed me to rest in the now. Pantarei, gave me the tools to listen to what my body tries to tell me and what I really need. My passion now is to help others through painful times and spread my knowledge about complete system healing - intelligent bodywork.

I’m especially passionate about HSP, rheumatism, pain management, stress, chronic diseases, physical tensions and to help you find your direction in life.

I teach classes and give sessions in Gothenburg SE, Berlin DE and New York US.

Getting pantarei sessions from Andréa was a great experience for me. I always felt bigger, fulfilled and more rooted in myself afterwards. She didn’t give me advice but instead listened and asked the right questions so I could find the answers within myself. Her clarity and empathy allowed me to be who I am in every moment. Her touch made my body melting and feeling at home within myself. I can recommend Andréa to everybody.“
— Pantarei, Sarah 30, artist
Over the past few years, I’ve developed a lot of issues related to sitting at a desk for 40 hours a week. Andréa has been an amazing coach, developing a strengthening routine around my specific needs and showing me how to effortlessly insert some of my exercises throughout my workday. She’s also given me great guidance on how to ergonomically setup my whole workstation. I wouldn’t have been able to continue working without her help, she’s a true hero to me!
— Pilates, William 37, CEO

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